T-Mobile Could Use Some Email Marketing Help

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I’m back to work today after a great visit to see my nephew graduate from Navy boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. It was a fun time even though we didn’t get to see him for long as he had to fly out to his new school in Virginia. I was catching […]

Keeping Your Email Marketing Relevant

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It’s amazing how I read about something that a marketer should or should not do and then right after it happens to me. It may just be that after I read about it I’m on the lookout for that activity, but it still amazes me how often they are related. For example I was just […]

Is Email Marketing For You?

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I believe that email marketing is still one of the best lowest cost ways to reach your customers. If you don’t believe me have a look at your inbox and see just how many of the biggest retailers in the world are trying to reach you. I believe that every business should have some kind […]

Email Marketing Best Practices

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If you are using email to market to your customers you already know Internet service providers are blocking more and more of your messages. There are some very good suggestions on the Email Insider Blog called “When ‘Best’ Practices Become ISP Law” for getting your mail through. They mostly have to do with your list […]

CSS Support in Email Marketing

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It looks like things have gotten worse on the e-mail clients front in regards to CSS compatibility. I was hoping that things would be getting better and e-mail would become more like web page design and conform to standards. From what I’m reading things are moving farther away from it. Tables are almost a necessity […]

Email Newsletter Marketing

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I have been helping several of my clients with their marketing recently by using email newsletters. Newsletters are a wonderful way to promote your business in a very cost effective way. I wrote about PHPList which is a effective way to manage your email list and campaign for free. It works very well for a […]

Be honest in your marketing

In my house we subscribe to many different kinds of email newsletters. My wife gets one from a cosmetic company that all the time says “here’s something to make up for our mistake” At first I thought that’s a nice way to handle a mistake. Then they kept coming every couple of days. “Our Bad” […]

Marketing Messages For Today

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I was watching TV and it seems lately that all the ads were things like “save money”, “lose your job and return the car”, “0% interest” or “good as new”. My wife said to me that these are things that should have been done long before. That got me thinking. It may be a good […]

Think Before You Email

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I was speaking with a customer the other day about ways that he could use email marketing to promote his business. He was belt tightening like most businesses today and he finally realized the possible value and low cost of this kind of promotion. When I first built his site he asked for and I […]

All About Viral Marketing 2

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My last post on Viral Marketing was pretty well received so I thought I would follow it up. You hear quite a bit about viral marketing in my business these days. Like the old shampoo commercial it used to be that “they told two friends and they told two friends and so on…” What has […]

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