WordPress Is Nofollow By Default

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I was tweaking my WordPress theme a bit today. Whenever I look at my blog and see something that I don’t like or think could look better I change the stylesheet for the custom theme that I made. While I was working on that today I noticed the links from the commenters on my blog […]

Big media doesn’t get it

I’ve read on Techdirt many cases where fighting a problem by trying to keep people out just won’t work because of the Internet. Yesterday I tweeted Here’s a thought that says Hollywood doesn’t have a clue how to stay relevant ow.ly/BHT0I Yesterday was also *Talk Like A Pirate Day* Today I’m looking for the Pitt […]

Is there a natural order of promotion

Someone in one of my groups on LinkedIn asked “what is the best way to allocate (promotional) resources?” Asking how best to allocate their limited resources (time and $$) I answered and thought I’d share it here, you may have heard this before. Start with the free stuff. There are some good ones http://www.lillicotch.com/Blog/?s=marketing When […]

You Can Buy Page Rank

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It looks like the CircuitCity.com name has been sold for $14M. I just read about it on the SEOBook website. Here’s the thing, if I were to sell recommendations on my blog posts here and provide links to my sponsors products (and not use nofollow) Google wouldn’t like it very much and would probably penalize […]

Why I Want Comments

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It never fails. Yesterday I wrote about removing the nofollow attribute from my WordPress comments and then last night there was an update that put it back. I also found out that the nofollow goes back further than I thought so I was just not paying attention.The update was broken by the way (it’s a […]

How You Can Still Sell Paid Links

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While I don’t sell paid text links on this site, but many people do. If you have a fairly high ranking site it’s a great way to make more money with your site than with Google ads alone. The best way to improve your ranking with the search engines is to have high ranking sites […]

What Good Are Wikipedia Links?

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Wikipedia in an effort to combat posting spam changed all of their links to “nofollow”. What that means is that search engines will no longer apply any page rankings from the Wikipedia site to the linked site. Whether the spiders follow those links or not is not known for sure. Does that mean it’s not […]

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