It’s Time For Open Source Medical Research

The more I read and hear about open source the more great uses I discover. My wife and I are heavy users of the medical system and I have often wondered, while looking at my bills, how to not only lower costs, but improve service. I saw an article on Techdirt a while back that […]

Still More Cool Free Open Source Tools

Here’s a list of some really great free open source software to replace many of the Windows programs that cost big bucks to buy. This list appeared recently on makeuseof.com. I have written about some of these tools and others before, but there are cool new ones here. It’s also nice to have a list […]

Friday Just For Fun Site – Open Source Visual Effects

category Friday Fun

Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work) An impressive collection of free open source code for visual effects. Ninety six in all. Very cool stuff will keep you entertained for hours. Because they are open source if you have access to a Flash editor […]

Open Source Fights Back, Again

category Information

Trend Micro is a global company, headquartered in Tokyo, that develops software and services to protect against computer viruses, malware, and spam. They are suing Barracuda Networks for its distribution of Clam Antivirus, the popular FOSS (free open source software) antivirus program. Clam is a very good free open source program that I use myself. […]

A Great Reason For An Open Source Solution

category web design

A new customer asked me the other day “Oh! One more question….so you’re doing my hosting and all that. What happens if you win the lottery and move to Tahiti? Do I only have to find a new host, or what?” I often wonder why my customers don’t ask that question much more often. After […]

The Best Free Open Source Tools

category Information,web design

I had lunch with a friend the other day. He is a graphic artist and like me mostly worked for other companies. He has been in business for himself only a couple of years. I was explaining my love of free open source software to him. I had my computer with me and I showed […]

What Do People Have Against Free Open Source Software?

category Information,web design

I try to regularly post ads on Craigslist to promote my web design services. I think it’s a wonderful free service well worth the time and effort to use. I try to follow their guidelines, post in the propper category and not to repeat the post more than once every 48 hours. In fact I […]

The Growing Role of Open Source

category Information

Here is one of the most comprehensive surveys on Open Source Software that I have seen. According to Dr. Anthony Picardi, senior vice president, Global Software, who analyzed IDC surveys from over 5,000 developers from 116 countries, “The use of open source beyond Linux is pervasive, used by almost three-quarters of organizations and spanning hundreds […]

Open source vs. proprietary management tools

category Information

Open source software is a concept that I believe in and support. I have written more about it here. In deciding between open source and proprietary management tools, an organization may have to decide whether it’s willing to forgo some niche features in exchange for a less costly tool that does 80% of what its […]

More Good Free Tools – OpenNewsletter

category web design

I was searching for an easy way for my customer to manage the email addresses for their newsletter campaign and I came across OpenNewsletter and it seemed to be just what I needed. ” A free, simple, and beautiful open source newsletter solution aimed at small-medium scale. Very easy installation. Just upload and its working. […]

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