PayPal Shopping Cart

I was speaking to someone the other day who was looking to contract out work for a website because he had no experience with e-commerce. While it’s ture that some shopping carts can be quite a job to install and debug I recommended “If your customer willing to use PayPal to process credit cards you […]

How Many Items Can I Have In My Cart

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It’s pretty easy to sell things from your website these days. I get requests to connect websites to an in store POS system. I believe it’s probably best if they’re both the same system. Otherwise, I would recommend not connecting them. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a good free online shopping cart. All you […]

Some Great Free Image Tools

I am currently working with a customer who wants to set up a store. They had a spreadsheet of the items that they want to sell. There are over 3,000 of them. Creating a database if items for a shopping cart is not that unusual, but in this case the item images were in the […]

How To Password Protect Directories and Files

In addition to designing websites, I am getting requests lately to just manage data for clients. For example, shopping cart databases, Google or Open Office Documents. Some password protected and some not. I have found that the simplest solution is probably the best one. The htaccess file is simple to use and has good security. […]

New Customer – Old Timer & Lily

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I keep spelling Lily as Lilly. Probably because of my last name, but I think that I got all of those fixed. I think Old Timer & Lily is a very nice functional site. Susan had a store on safeshopper.com and they sent a notice that they were closing. She needed a secure shopping cart […]


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Another Easy Way To Add E-Commerce

Here’s something new from Google Checkout. It’s called the Google Checkout store gadget. It’s still in Beta and is called experimental by Google so there are a few bugs, but the ones they listed seem pretty minor and I can’t believe Google would release something like this unless it was about finished. Judging from their […]

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