Social media and your website

My customer is, The Dor Stop Restaurant I follow them and noticed this on their facebook timeline Construction update….only 1 block of Potomac – West Liberty to Glenmore – will be closed this weekend. Side streets and sidewalks will all be open. Parking on Potomac is allowed. See you this weekend!! on their website it […]

Building a social media course

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Currently I’m building a series of social media classes designed to help businesses who want to get into social marketing. Things like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can be very useful, but also very intimidating for businesses. My idea is to have a series on ongoing classes that will help businesses improve their market and […]

Social Media As A Job Requirement

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Here’s an interesting help wanted posting from The Software Freedom Law Center. An organization more interested in your online commenting than your resume for this job. Of course the job is for Public Relations, but I believe that you will see more of this as social media becomes more deeply ingrained in all kinds of […]

Can Social Media Save Iron City Beer

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Iron City Beer has long been a symbol of the City of Pittsburgh. It’s no secret that they and many other local brewers have struggled mightily to save their brands in recent years. Several years ago Rolling Rock Beer was purchased by Anheuser Busch. They moved them out of their mountain home (Latrobe PA) and […]

Social Media Is Not For Everyone

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I recently read a blog post that talked about how long it took for a customer to tune out the message that they should have a blog on their site. The writer then gave some very important reasons why it’s good for any business owner to have a relevant blog on their site. There comments […]

Is Social Media Worth The Time?

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I have had an account on FaceBook and LinkedIn for quite a while now, but only recently have I started to use them. I also thought about Twitter, but decided that I really only have the time to concentrate on one of them. I picked LinkedIn for that because I thought it was geared more […]

It’s Looking Like You Need Social Media

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It’s starting to look like using social media is becoming important to businesses. In the past year I have been reading more and more that having a place on your site where users can freely interact is almost as important as having a site itself. What that means is that if you are planning to […]

The Right Way To Use Social Media

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I recently read where a TV station in Philadelphia (CBS 3) is launching a revenue sharing partnership with local blogs and social media websites. This is a great way to promote your content. Paying them is probably even more than they need to do. Just giving them help promoting their content would probably have been […]

Wendy’s Is Going Social

I read today on Mashable that Wendy’s is going to try some social media promotions for it’s Frosty product. I think that this is a really good idea and even if it doesn’t work as well as they hope it should give them a valuable road map for future promotions. I’ve always believed that the […]

Social Networking Takes Work

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It’s been my experience that the companies that are doing well these days with social media are the ones that let their people speak freely online and that alone can provide them with an organization for their people to brag about. Of course, if they aren’t willing to publicly address complaints it won’t work anyway. […]

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