All About Viral Marketing 2

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My last post on Viral Marketing was pretty well received so I thought I would follow it up. You hear quite a bit about viral marketing in my business these days. Like the old shampoo commercial it used to be that “they told two friends and they told two friends and so on…” What has […]

All About Viral Marketing

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One of the things that I like to mention to my clients trying to promote their site through “Viral Marketing”. We have all heard the expression “they told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on…” The Internet can be the perfect medium for this kind of promotion, except on […]

What is Viral Marketing?

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Viral marketing is a term for website promotion where one person tells someone about your site or promotion and they tell someone else and then it keeps on spreading. Kind of like the old shampoo commercial (and so on…) or the flu! If you are lucky enough to put together a good one of these […]

Great idea for a promotion

My friend Sheri Powell ran a promotion yesterday that I can’t remember anyone else doing before. “On this day in 1792, President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act, thereby creating the U.S. Post Office. In honor of this historic day, shipping is free at Pretzel Crazy on all orders placed today!” I have written […]

SEO is Simple – My Rules

Search engines and their algorythms are constantly changing. So the exact rules for being found by the search engines are not known, but here are also some old mainstays that don’t really change. SEO is Simple – My Rules Rule 1 – Have good navigation that search engines (and humans) can read and follow If […]

Social Networking Takes Work

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It’s been my experience that the companies that are doing well these days with social media are the ones that let their people speak freely online and that alone can provide them with an organization for their people to brag about. Of course, if they aren’t willing to publicly address complaints it won’t work anyway. […]

How To Use Craigslist To Find New CLients

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I recently got in touch with a high school classmate of mine. Barb Girson is an International Direct Selling expert, trainer and coach who recently set sail with her own business called mysalestactics.com. We had a few emails back and forth and an interesting conversation about where we have been and what works in promoting […]

Friday Just For Fun Site – Ben and Jerry’s

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Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work) I have been playing with Ben and Jerry’s Fun Stuff page for almost ten years now. I recently realized I have never mentioned it in this blog. Ben and Jerry’s site have some great fun stuff like […]

Traditional Media Doesn’t Get It

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Want to hear why traditional media just doesn’t get it when it comes to blogging? Have a look at this post on The Viral Garden called New York Times shows how out of touch it is with bloggers. It’s not just the media that doesn’t get it either. Established businesses think that they are getting […]

A Good Company Blog

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I think that one of the best promotional tools that a company can have of blog, provided they will play by the rules. Serve your visitor first (not your company) Provide something of value Use your own list Opt-In only No Spam The Viral Garden keeps track of business blogs and it’s interesting to see […]

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