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I have a page on my site with some of my favorite new sites that are showing up on the web. These are not my sites, but they are the kinds of things that I like in a website. There are different reasons that I picked these sites, they all look good, and are clear and easy to use. They don’t use Flash at all or use it only when necessary and never for navigation. The graphics are good, but not overpowering. Sometimes I just like a picture or the name. Some of them are not in English and I still know what they are about.Moor Farm Shop

The newest one is called Moor Farm Shop. The site looks just like a country farm shop and is a good example of designing the entire site inside of a PHP shopping cart. Everything is clear and easy to find and use, although I couldn’t get the recipes to work.

I really like how this site looks, plenty of whitespace for easy reading and a good use of shadows. The navigation is done with pictures and JavaScript, but the actual links are in the code for the search engines to read and follow.

As I have said many times I would prefer plain text links and CSS for decoration, which works better for SEO. I would also like to have seen some kind of hover effect so that the visitor knows for sure when they are hovering on a link.



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