Can You Really Make Money With Adsense?

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Before I put the Google Adsense ads on my pages I wondered if there was any chance that I could make any money with it. So many questions ran through my mind. Am I too late for this? Will my traffic support this? Will the ads actually be relevant to my content? Will people click on my ads? Anything else that I haven’t thought of?

After a while I can tell you that, 1) Yes, it does work and 2) Yes, you can do pretty well with these.

Of course it didn’t start out great guns, I tweaked my ads for quite a while and continue to do so, but if you find a combination of colors that match your site pretty well and don’t stand out too much as ads, people will click on your ads.

I’m not making a huge amount of money, but it keeps going up every month and I will continue to experiment with colors and placement and as long as my traffic continues to improve every month I expect my Adsense revenue to increase as well, but that’s for another post.

What should you do if you’re considering Adsense on your pages or if you already have them, but want to improve your revenue? First I would start with Google. There are many great tools to help you. Who better to start with than Google themselves? The first stops being the Adsense blog and the Adsense support center. They both offer some great tips to optimize your ads.

Next I search for blogs and posts from others that are related to the subject. These are usually from other designers with personal experience to share. There are several good sources for this like searchenginewatch.com. Here’s one to get you started.


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