How to get visitors to your site

I have written many times before that the best practice when writing new articles for your site it to write for your human visitors. So many website owners these days are putting articles on their site that are stuffed with  “keywords” looking to be found on the search engines. They don’t realize that if the […]

Media providers don’t seem to have a clue about the web

I’m one of those people who dropped cable a couple of years ago and pretty much haven’t looked back. I’ve found places to get movies, TV shows from every network and sports, sports, sports. Pretty much anything I want to see. It’s amazing really. What continues to bother me is how so many of the […]

A little help with my new site Spofferz

I’m currently building a new site that’s called Spofferz.com. That stands for Special Offers with a “Z” It’s a pretty cool site where it free for a business to add a SpOffer. Any business can register free and add one SpOffer every month. Each SpOffer will expire and be automatically deleted in 30 days from […]

Great idea for a promotion

My friend Sheri Powell ran a promotion yesterday that I can’t remember anyone else doing before. “On this day in 1792, President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act, thereby creating the U.S. Post Office. In honor of this historic day, shipping is free at Pretzel Crazy on all orders placed today!” I have written […]

Me speaking at the Pittsburgh Business Leads Exchange luncheon

Robinson Luncheon – Feb 9, 2010

Be honest in your marketing

In my house we subscribe to many different kinds of email newsletters. My wife gets one from a cosmetic company that all the time says “here’s something to make up for our mistake” At first I thought that’s a nice way to handle a mistake. Then they kept coming every couple of days. “Our Bad” […]

SEO is Simple – My Rules

Search engines and their algorythms are constantly changing. So the exact rules for being found by the search engines are not known, but here are also some old mainstays that don’t really change. SEO is Simple – My Rules Rule 1 – Have good navigation that search engines (and humans) can read and follow If […]

Be careful when forcing your ads on people

Fast Company is a pretty good magazine and I even had a subscription for a year or two. I’ve pretty much done with all of my paper newspaper and magazine subscriptions, but I have been a subscriber to the Fast Company blog for a while now. Recently they have been pushing ads to their blog […]

Good free lesson on marketing

There’s a new free ebook from Google called Improving Online Conversions for Dummies. They lean toward adwords, but that’s how they make their money. If you’re interested in buying or selling ads from your site, it’s explained well. There is another benefit, too. You can learn how visitors are probably going to behave on your […]

Is Your Business On Google Places

Google Places is a great way to promote your businesses online presence. It works well even if you don’t have a website. Business owners can have a listing on Google’s local database. So when potential customers search for you on Google.com or Google Maps they also see your ad. Your business name, location, hours of […]

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