Is Wix or WordPress better for SEO?

Question from Small Business Community that I answered today Is Wix or WordPress better for SEO? The real (not so) secret is to publish new content regularly, that’s easy for the visitor to find. Write for your human visitors and search will follow. WordPress categories, tags and search makes that a breeze. I’ve been making […]

Social media and your website

My customer is, The Dor Stop Restaurant I follow them and noticed this on their facebook timeline Construction update….only 1 block of Potomac – West Liberty to Glenmore – will be closed this weekend. Side streets and sidewalks will all be open. Parking on Potomac is allowed. See you this weekend!! on their website it […]

Computer and mobile screens are NOT print media

Got a monthly newsletter from my neighborhood today. It comes in the way of an email with a pdf attached. I don’t mind, I signed up for the emails, but I hate their newsletter. It’s bright and shiny and looks really professional, but what I hate is the newsletter comes in a two column format. […]

Let people help you

One of the things I’ve always believed in is letting your *fans* help you Here’s some of my old stuff¬† on the subject I’m currently promoting my charity Music For MS I was looking for a high resolution image of the local chapter’s logo to use in my advertising and couldn’t find one. Their National […]

A website is like a flower bed

In the old days having a website was like putting up a brochure. These days a website can’t be static. You have to tend it like a garden. Add in good content and weed out spam

SEO and SEO Scams

My customer forwarded me this today. He was worried that his website was missing out on tons of traffic. I get millions of this crap, so it’s probably easier for me to spot as spam (I added the stop sign) From: Cool sounding (English) name@gmail.com Subject: Can I give some honest feedback on your website? […]

Custom WordPress login and registration page

My client wanted to have extra forms on their user registration page on their WordPress site so they could capture more information about the visitors who signed up for their website. In the past I had used a plugin called Register Plus Redux, but unfortunately it’s not supported any more. Because of the popularity of […]

Everyone wants to optimize their website

People ask me all the time what the best way to “Optimize” their website. To be found by the search engines. When I think of the word “optimize”, I don’t think of the search engines, I think of my human visitors. What’s the best and easiest way for them to get what they want. This […]

Non sharable video embeds

A customer of mine wants to have a video site for lessons. Video is in a state of flux these days. Up until recently you could just embed a Flash stream. Then, Apple decided not to support Flash and now your iThingy won’t play it. It’s not such a bad thing. The web is much […]

How to get visitors to your site

I have written many times before that the best practice when writing new articles for your site it to write for your human visitors. So many website owners these days are putting articles on their site that are stuffed with¬† “keywords” looking to be found on the search engines. They don’t realize that if the […]

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