Do You Need Techies To Build Technology?

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Computer World has an interesting story at the moment on what the hot skills are expected to be four years down the track. Predictably, technical skills are seen as being less important than business and soft-skills.


Paul Knapp editor of brainbox.com.au says pretty much the opposite. “In almost every successful IT project I’ve ever been involved with it’s been a nuts-and-bolts techie that’s had the most important impact. More often than not, the “business skills” types were more hindrance than help. Many times their superiority and arrogance led to project failure.”


I’m thinking both are pretty important.
If you don’t know the technical side of your business you will have to trust others who may or may not know what to to. Either way you won’t know what is right, maybe right until the bitter end.
On the other hand if you have the best ideas and all the skills necessary to get them functioning properly, no one will ever hear about it if you don’t market your ideas well. Again you’re looking at a slow painful death.

In the end both sides need to work well together. The ones that do will succeed and the others will just keep on arguing about who is more important.

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