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Being a big supporter of Open Source Projects and with all of the hoopla around the iPhone these days I thought I would give my small bit of publicity to the Openmoko.org Portal Site.

OpenMoko is an Open Source project to create the world’s first free mobile phone operating system. It is designed to “Free Your Phone” rather than lock you in to one vendor with long, rigid, and unreasonable contract.

OpenMoko is not ready for Prime Time yet, but like many other Open Source projects it growing much faster than it’s proprietary counterparts and there is at least one phone that it works well on. The Neo1973 is the first phone designed to run OpenMoko. It is manufactured by FIC who instigated the OpenMoko project, but once this project gains a little momentum there will be many more.

You can stand in line and wait for an iPhone, but I’m going to wait for what I believe will be a very short time for OpenMoko to come of age. I am certain that I will have made the right decision.


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