Is A Blog Right For Your Business?

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One of the best ways to help a site improve in the search rankings is to add new content on a regular basis. One of the best tools for doing this is to add a blog. A blog adds new content to your site every time that you post. If you are lucky enough to have visitors add comments that relate to your post that adds even more to your content, even though it was written by someone else.

Today I was reading a post by randfish on his SEOmoz blog. It’s called “Reasons Why Corporate Blogging Fails”. He points out many reasons why a corporate blog will not work.

“In many cases, a blog is NOT right for your company. Some companies simply don’t have the flexibility to tolerate a human voice – their rigidity is a closely guarded asset and one they’re unwilling or unable to loosen.”

There are many good points that I haven’t considered before. All in all it shows me another good reason that small business can have an effective edge on the web if they are willing to work at it.

Read this post and if you think that these negatives don’t apply to you or your company then you should consider having a blog on your site.


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