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Sara Holoubek of Search Engine Watch has written a post about just how far SEO has come in a short time. Major companies are adding VP’s of Search, she says it’s “the hottest new title in town”. Well, if the big players are doing it shouldn’t small companies at least recognize that search is something that is much more than an afterthought?

Small businesses can have an advantage over big ones in this regard. Search is constantly changing and evolving on the web and a small company can appear to be much bigger and more relevant just by being flexible enough to keep up with the changes, but first they must be aware of them.

I’m not saying that you need to devote a huge amount of resources to this, but I do believe that it’s a good idea to at least have someone either inside the company or perhaps contracted out to keep up on the trends and to keep the management apprised of what’s involved in search engine marketing and optimization, what the future is looking like and where your company stands in regards to both.


Why DRM Probably Won’t Work

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Here’s an article by Bruce Schneier about how money and resources are wasted on Digital Rights Management.

I can understand how authors want to protect their content, but I believe that this is something that people don’t want and if that’s the case then there are too many people willing to put more time and effort into undoing your protection than anyone can afford to put into making it.

This is sad because it wastes so much productivity that could be put to much better use. Like finding a better way to pay artists for their work.


A Guide to CSS Support in Email

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Are you sending html e-mails to your customers?
Are you thinking about it?

Before you do anything else you should know how to get them your content in a format that they can actually view.

Visit Campaign Monitor blog – a place for development news, tips, tricks and talk on email newsletters and list management. They have written an excellent Guide to CSS Support in Email.


Everyone Wants to ‘Own’ Your PC

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When technology serves its owners, it is liberating. When it is designed to serve others, over the owner’s objection, it is oppressive. There’s a battle raging on your computer right now — one that pits you against worms and viruses, Trojans, spyware, automatic update features and digital rights management technologies. It’s the battle to determine who owns your computer.You own your computer, of course. You bought it. You paid for it. But how much control do you really have over what happens on your machine? Technically you might have bought the hardware and software, but you have less control over what it’s doing behind the scenes.

Using the hacker sense of the term, your computer is “owned” by other people.


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