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My main tag line for my web design business and my site is “Simple can be Good”. I have always believed that more often than not the simplest solution to any problem is the best one. That the more that you complicate things the more there is to go wrong. The simple solution is also almost always the most economical one.

That’s why it tickles my designer fancy when I see a really cool trick for a site design that turns to be just simple CSS or HTML. Have a look at this post called “Mike asks the CSS Guy about a scrolling trick with background images”. I have probably seen and admired this technique before, but not realized just what it was or how such a cool image effect could be so simple to do.

I invite you to visit Ask the CSS Guy to read about the scrolling image trick. Be sure to visit the examples in the post and the comments as well. Some of them are really well done.

Check Out The Scrolling Trick with Background Images

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