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It seems like there is always something new out there that wants to hurt or take over your computer. I don’t usually give virus warnings, but I am going to mention a virus named “peachy” because it’s the first time a virus has been found in a PDF file. If you get an email with a PDF file attached, be sure you know who sent it to you AND make sure they actually sent it intentionally, because peachy sends itself out from an infected computer without the user knowing it. The attachments can have many random names. Right now you have to have Adobe Acrobat installed, not just the free Reader, for your computer to become infected. I’m sure that will eventually change, too.

Virus experts say the risk is low right now, but it’s just one more new thing to worry about. You can learn more about it here:
PDF Virus Factoid

I found an article called “15 Free Security Programs That Work” by Preston Gralla. He covers some good basic tools like virus protection, firewalls, spyware tools, and clean-up tools. They are all free and he reviews them all.


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