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I sent my mother in CA a basket of fruit for Mothers Day.
Today I got a nice follow up email from the company I used.
I’m not going to say who it was because they are not paying me.

It was Cherry Moon Farms

I think that if you are not doing this kind of thing already, you should be.
Anywhere from a few days to a month after your customers buy something from you, send them an email. You will be sending these often so make a nice template to use.

You could say something like To thank you for your purchase we are providing you with a chance to give someone a $10.00/10% (or whatever) discount off their next purchase.
use promo code “My Friend”
(or whatever)

You can give them as gifts or just pass this email on to your friends.

People will buy more or maybe just forward this along.
Great free word of mouth advertising. There is no form of advertising cheaper or more effective.

You can also have an ad like this on your newsletter before holidays.

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