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I had a customer who wanted to start an email newsletter last year. I installed a mailing list management program and then spent quite a bit of time explaining how I thought sending it should be done. I wanted to pass that information along so I wrote a series of posts on how to start an email newsletter. There is some good information there about how to handle the mechanics of sending out a newsletter.

I was recently asked similar questions by a new client who wanted to do the same thing and I sent them to my blog posts. Afterward they had other questions having to do with the actual content of the newsletter. What kind of content should they have, should they use the site name of give it another name, and how often to send it?

I usually don’t write the content of a client’s website, I’ll make suggestions, but I believe that no one knows your business like you do. These newsletter questions were about the content, but they were very good questions that were asking for guidelines and I felt that I should find an answer for them.

The Email Insider blog came through for me again with this post and if you are considering starting a newsletter, it’s something that can be a great benefit to read. Rather that just repeating their post I thought I would just pass it on for you to read. Be sure to read to the end, the commenters provide some good additional information.

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