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December 20, 2007 - Filed under: Information,web design

One of my customers showed a site to me called Blog Talk Radio and asked what I thought of his using it for promoting his business. He is a big listener to talk radio and was looking for a similar way to get his message out to the world. What Blog Talk Radio does it to give you your own Internet talk show. Listeners have the ability to call in to your “live show” with questions and comments.

I think that this could be a wonderful tool for businesses looking to promote themselves. It’s a free way to have your own “talk show” without needing a radio station.

I did advise him that in order for this to work well you would probably need to have your show on a regular schedule. Even though people could listen to it anytime that they want, if you are going to have some good conversations (that were not planned and rehearsed) you would need to have your live show on a consistent day and time so your fans would know when they could participate. Of course, for the first show or two you would need to have planned callers.

I thought it would be best if he was not to be too ambitious with this. It was much better to have a regular show on a monthly basis than a weekly or daily show all over the clock. If he could put together some interesting shows and could do it on a regular basis it could be something that could really benefit any business or cause.

It could be great, but those are also a couple of big ifs.

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  1. Jim, your blog was number 1 on my priority list this morning. I am putting a start date of June 2008 for a once-a-month blog talk radio program for Americans Who Care about fairness. As an American who cares with the desire to see positive change and level the playing field allowing productivity, ingenuity and honesty to compete fairly with the inefficient, complacent and dishonest people in our country. Disclosure is.. Power To The People. We the People, as Americans who care, we have real power in the way we spend our money and the way we vote. Marketplace justice working in the Court of Public Opinion. I am a pround American who cares.
    James Karl Weigold
    Disclosure = Fairness http://www.DisclosureForThePublic.com
    Hopefully our websites will be up by the first week of February 2008 at http://www.AmericansWhoCare.com. My blog will be a combination of print, audio and digital video. Starting a revolution in Philadelphia that will spread across the country. Disclosure for the public could be like a very large snow boulder rolling down a snow covered hill getting larger and larger that cannot be stopped. Disclosure – A True Integrity Test for our Elected Officials. http://www.MandateToThePresident.com

    Comment by Americans Who Care.com — December 28, 2007 @ 8:18 am

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