Word of Mouth Promotion

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There really is no better or more effective form of promotion than word of mouth. You can talk all you want about search engines, direct mail or e-mail, word of mouth trumps them all. What better way to look good to a potential new customer than to have someone that they know who is not […]

Small Business Promotion Ideas

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Michael Gray has put together a great post of thirteen ways that small businesses can promote themselves for free at his Graywolf SEO Blog. While most of his suggestions apply to businesses with a local presence, there are still quite a few on there that will apply to any small business. I have recommended to […]

Search Engine Promotion

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No Strategy. No Success is an article by Frederick Townes who is the owner of W3 EDGE Web Design. I found this is a good read for beginners, as well as experienced designers. He covers many points including: Objectives Market Analytics Technology Presentation Layer Promotion Optimization Of course it’s a lot to cover in one […]

SEO is Simple – My Rules

Search engines and their algorythms are constantly changing. So the exact rules for being found by the search engines are not known, but here are also some old mainstays that don’t really change. SEO is Simple – My Rules Rule 1 – Have good navigation that search engines (and humans) can read and follow If […]

Find Out What Your Visitors Want (and give it to them)

It seems that whenever I speak to people about websites they are always more concerned with traffic and how to get more visitors than anything else. It doesn’t seem to matter that if their site looks bad or is not very user friendly, any traffic that they do get will probably leave right away. I […]

Wendy’s Is Going Social

I read today on Mashable that Wendy’s is going to try some social media promotions for it’s Frosty product. I think that this is a really good idea and even if it doesn’t work as well as they hope it should give them a valuable road map for future promotions. I’ve always believed that the […]

Send Yourself An Email

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One of your best promotional tools is your personal email. If you don’t overdo it your sig file can be a real help to your business. It’s free, could get passed around and after it’s set up it takes no extra work at all. A while ago I got an email from someone who is […]

T-Mobile Could Use Some Email Marketing Help

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I’m back to work today after a great visit to see my nephew graduate from Navy boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. It was a fun time even though we didn’t get to see him for long as he had to fly out to his new school in Virginia. I was catching […]

Friday Just For Fun Site – Oz Yourself

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Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work) Without anything even close the Friday Fun Site where I recommended Simsonizeme. Due to the fact that it’s almost always busy well over two years later, I have to believe that it may have been one of […]

Another Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Shiver me timbers, matey! Tis ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day. I love to be a writin’ about made up holidays and how ye can be promoting your business with ’em. It’s just so much fun, arrrrrrrgh!! It really be catchin’ on. Avast, swabees Blockbuster be promotin’ films by some of the blackest hearts to ever […]

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