An Interesting Decision For SEO Services

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You have optimized your site and gotten very good natural rankings for the keywords that you have targeted. Now What? My customer All America Roadside Assistance is now #3 on Google for “roadside assistance” (their most popular keyword). While there is no guarantee that they will stay there, I was thinking that they are at […]

Magic Secret SEO

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I am continuously amazed by people that I talk to that expect me to wave a magic wand and make their site number one on Google for the keyword(s) of their choice. They don’t seem to understand that if I could magically make them number one that everyone else could do the same thing and […]

Blackhat SEO “Expert” Goes To Jail

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I have written many times before about using tricks to get your site to the top of the search engines. See this, or just search this blog for SEO. I believe that it’s always harder, but better to do it right. I read last week about the CEO of Traffic Power getting jail time and […]

The History Of SEO

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As another year comes to a close I like to look back at the current year and review the progress that I have made in my business. Looking back seems to be the thing to do this time of year and I think that it’s important. Knowing where things have been is the very best […]

Beware Of SEO “Experts”

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I have written before about how you should Be Careful Of Who You Hire For SEO. Yesterday I got an interesting email from someone who I hadn’t heard of before. I thought at first they were trying to be helpful as they were sending me a screenshot of one of my sites with what appeared […]

Why Site Owners Don’t Really Want SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best thing going, right? Kind of like “Why don’t we slice the bread before we put it in the package?” Have a look around the web these days and see how many sites ignore SEO completely. I used to wonder why that was and then one day I realized […]

SEO For Images On Your Site

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More and more search engines are giving pictures (and now video) in their results pages. Does that mean that their spiders are now able to “view” and index these files. I imagine that it is probably getting better, but they sill mostly rely on what you tell them that the image is about. There are […]

Be Careful Of Who You Hire For SEO

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I have written many times about good ways to help your site get found by the search engines. This post is about the bad ones. I usually get my share of “Blog Spam”. That is, people or bots who post comments on my blog that usually have nothing to do with the content. These folks […]

More Good SEO Advice

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On the Search Engine Watch site Mark Jackson of the ClickZ Network has posted an article called “Avoiding Cookie Cutter SEO”. He speaks about how no two web sites are created equal and how template SEO is just bad business. Search engines are looking for unique sites to show to their searchers and generally what […]

Can Small Businesses Really Afford SEO?

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There is a very interesting discussion going on in a post on the search engine land site by Stoney deGeyter called Can Small Businesses Really Afford SEO? I’m thinking that small business can’t afford not use SEO for their sites. It’s the only thing that really levels the playing field with the big boys. Even […]

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