Website security news from Google

One of the things I try to constantly pay attention is security. Especially website security. it’s very important that you keep the programs running on your site up to date. Ones like WordPress and their plugins are constantly updating and they make it really easy to install the upgrades. usually with one click. What about […]

Promoting Your Site On Google

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Matt Cutts who is one of the faces of Google recently gave a great interview to The WordPress Podcast with lots of good tips on how to properly promote your site. This is about an hour long, but well worth a listen. The beginning is a bit tech-ish, but hang in there it gets good. […]


When I make a website, I like to keep the actual content as plain text and css. Especially in the header section. There are things that you always want to be found for, like your name and contact information. Sometimes fancy effects can make the important stuff harder to see and that’s not good. There […]

New Free Keyword Reasearch Tool

When first starting or adding to a website one of the first things that you want to do is to decide on which keywords to target. These words should be action words to get your visitors to do whatever it is that you want them to do when they land on one of your pages. […]

Find Out What Works Then Do It

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The other day I wrote about how I sometimes find myself trying to talk a client out of doing something one way or another. Some of those times my client will decide to do things their way. I will then do what the customer wants because they are the customer and they know their customers […]

Why I Want Comments

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It never fails. Yesterday I wrote about removing the nofollow attribute from my WordPress comments and then last night there was an update that put it back. I also found out that the nofollow goes back further than I thought so I was just not paying attention.The update was broken by the way (it’s a […]

Tweet This

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I have been reading quite a bit on social media lately and Twitter in particular. I thought I would try some of the strategies that I have seen to make this site better by bring more visitors to the site. I am always looking for more customers,  inbound links and visitors to comment on my […]

Great Plug-ins For Word Press

I replied to a Craigslist ad the other day for someone looking to update their website. They replied that they wanted several things: google ads mailing list where people can sign up for promotions, news etc take questions from people and compile into a newsletter to be sent out do surveys do podcasts sell ebooks […]

Happy 600th Blog Post

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I was thinking what to do for this wonderful achievement and recently I have had several potential customers tell me that they want their blog to look like their site. When I tell them that I can make it look like whatever they want, they tell me “but your blog doesn’t match your site!” I […]

Just Upgraded To Word Press 2.5

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Just want to say Word Press makes even major updates pretty easy. I just followed their instructions and had no problems. http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordPress I really like all the new features in the write post page. The Dashboard is really nice, too. Hooray for Word Press, good job. Update: one small bug. I use Firefox and the […]

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