Pittsburgh Happenings – The ‘Burgh Sees All

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I live in Pittsburgh PA and have all of my life.

This morning I heard news that The ‘Burgh wants to install cameras everywhere.

Then this afternoon I check the blogs that I like and see Bruce Schneier has posted London’s Security Cameras Don’t Help. There is always lively discussion on his blog.

I hate to see this camera thing coming to be, but they are already on the highways, at traffic lights and I suppose it’s inevitable in this age.
Maybe I’m just nostalgic.

In the end it’s probably going to be Google that does a better job with the technology. They already have Street View.

I believe that there are more proven methods of crime prevention which would make better use of the money.
Although it may be one of those deals where you have to spend the money on this project or lose it, I’m not sure.

I wonder about things like…
What would happen if the system was hacked without detection, from outside or inside and used to commit crimes?
Good movie plot, no?

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