Cool CSS Tricks

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After such a relaxing weekend I have been working most of the time this week so far, but I did notice this post with some great tips for CSS on the site called In The Woods. There’s some really good stuff here. Read 15 CSS Tricks That Must be Learned

Happy CSS Naked Day

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Once a year is CSS Naked Day. Even though this it the fourth annual Naked Day, I have considered it, but chickened out the last three years. This year I have removed all CSS from this website, stripping it entirely of its design. The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and […]

Great Free Tool, 224 Pure CSS Layouts

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Here’s a wonderful page with a collection of 224 full Grade-A browser supported CSS layouts. That means these layouts will look the same in almost any browser. This is a wonderful tool for anyone who is making a website. They are free for you to use and I highly recommend them. These layouts are done […]

Help With CSS

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CSS can be a wonderful thing. It can take a plain ordinary page and turn it into a beautifully styled work of art. You can also change all of the pages on your site by simply editing one file. It can also drive you nuts. You go back and forth trying to get an effect […]

Cool Buttons With CSS

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I hear requests for all kinds of buttons. I prefer to make them with regular text and use CSS for effects. That way you know search engines will be able to follow them and you can help improve your page rank by having the link say “This is what my page is about” right on […]

CSS Support in Email Marketing

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It looks like things have gotten worse on the e-mail clients front in regards to CSS compatibility. I was hoping that things would be getting better and e-mail would become more like web page design and conform to standards. From what I’m reading things are moving farther away from it. Tables are almost a necessity […]

Elastic Columns in CSS

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One of the things that it seems people are always looking for in the “look” of a website is fluid columns. That is a column that stretches the whole length of the page. In the past it has been done with tables, sometimes with the borders showing, sometimes not. The new style in web design […]

Great Collection of CSS Tools

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I get many inquires from my customers about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). What it is, why I use it and how it works. Proper use of CSS can make all of the difference in a web page. Not only does it control how a web page looks and acts you can also move all of […]

CSS Drop Down Menus

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Craig Erskine of solardreamstudios wrote this post about how to make a drop down menu with simple CSS. I like drop down menus and to do them in CSS is a good thing, but because, “Internet Explorer does not recognize the psuedo class :hover on any element except the .a tag” There has to be […]

CSS Drop Shadow

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Here’s an interesting idea from WebToolKit.info This drop shadow is done entirely in CSS, there are no images involved. This could make putting a drop shadow on a block element much easier and cleaner. It’s something that I’m going to use. More…

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