Should I Have A Blog Or Newsletter?

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I often advise my customers that the best way to add more content to their sites is to start a blog and/or a newsletter. Of course, most of these people are busy running their business and many don’t think they have enough time to do one let alone both both. So the question is which one is better.

In either one you need to find some actual content. Whether you write it yourself or get it from some other source it’s probably the same amount of work. It used to be that blogs needed to be updated more often to work well, but that doesn’t seem to be true any more. People can access so many blogs at the same time now you don’t need to post as often.

In terms of work I think the newsletter is less. If you have a good newsletter program like PHPList which will manage your names and bounces without having to get you involved, the newsletter can be less work. You write, send and then post your newsletter to your site to give you new content (spider food) for the search engines to index. After that you are done with it. You may want to do some occasional cleaning up of your menus maybe once a year, but there is not much else to do.

With a blog you have to manage comments (and comment spam) possibly for as long as you post is on your blog. Although there are many good tools to make this less work, you do have to keep an eye on the comments and pings so things don’t get out of hand. The benefit of this extra work is that other people are constantly adding new content to your site without you having to do much work to get it.

It would probably be best to do both, but that’s not always feasible so here’s more information by Web Marketer Rich Brooks in his post on flyteblog. He looks at things more from a marketing viewpoint.

Business Blog vs. Email Newsletters: Which Works Better?


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