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Back in the good old days (mid 90’s) you didn’t even have to consider what a visitor were using to view your site. You viewed everything in Internet Explorer and made it look good in that. My friends used to think I was nuts for wasting my time looking at my site with Netscape.

Today you have so many more choices that it’s hard to keep up. There’s IE (many versions), Firefox, Safari, Chrome and many more. What most site owners that I’ve spoken to don’t even consider is how their site looks on a smart phone. Using a good web standards approach to designing your site will help you with that, but do you know how your site looks on a phone?

Smart phone sales are going through the roof and PC sales are actually falling so even if it’s not a big deal now it will be more so as time marches on. I have two different phones with Internet capability and the web looks very different on my Blackberry than it does on my G1 Google phone, but this site looks pretty good in both.

I’m not saying that you have to hire some developer to make you your own iPhone or Android application, but you should keep up with this trend, a while back I wrote a post about a free tester How Does Your Site Look On A Phone? You can also use your phone or grab a friends phone and have a look at your site (then give it back).

Here’s what got me thinking about this, a post by Vic Gundotra a guest poster on the TechCrunchIT blog called…

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