Another Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Shiver me timbers, matey! Tis ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day. I love to be a writin’ about made up holidays and how ye can be promoting your business with ’em. It’s just so much fun, arrrrrrrgh!! It really be catchin’ on. Avast, swabees Blockbuster be promotin’ films by some of the blackest hearts to ever […]

No Way To Treat A Customer

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My friend Sue has (had) a Char-Broil gas grill for a little over a year when it malfunctioned and could have easily burned down her house. When she called the company instead of trying to defuse and solve a bad situation the company apparently tried to blame her for what clearly seems to me to […]

What Not To Do When Things Go Wrong

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Yesterday I wrote about how Google properly handled what could have been a terrible PR situation. Here’s what happens far too often. The company denies that there’s anything wrong then stonewalls. Case in point Diebold who makes an e-voting machine that’s horribly insecure. They have been trying to sell off the division for quite a […]

When Things Go Wrong Be Honest With Your Customers

Yesterday gmail went out for about an hour and a half. Not terribly bad for any Internet application, but I don’t recommend gmail for my clients. Not for that reason, but if you are in business, with the low price of a domain name and small hosting hosting account there is no reason to have […]

Any Ideas For Fall Promotions?

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My friend from way back in High School, Barb Gerson has a site that she started when she recently went into business for herself called “My Sales Tactics“. We sometimes write back and forth about some crazy things like the Ohiopyle “Over The Falls Race“, but it’s usually business. She recently asked me to comment […]

Fashion Before Function?

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Most of the time I don’t get any reply from Craigslist ads that I respond to. Occasionally they will hire me or say “thank you, we’re going with someone else”, but usually nothing. This weekend I got a reply from one of the CL ads that said they weren’t going to use me because “I […]

Putting Music On Your Site Or Video

One of the big problems with putting music on your website or video is that unless you own the song and performance you could run into trouble keeping it online. Techdirt tells the story of man who found a song in public domain to use in the video to promote his charity. It turns out […]

Another Easy Way To Add E-Commerce

Here’s something new from Google Checkout. It’s called the Google Checkout store gadget. It’s still in Beta and is called experimental by Google so there are a few bugs, but the ones they listed seem pretty minor and I can’t believe Google would release something like this unless it was about finished. Judging from their […]

Can Social Media Save Iron City Beer

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Iron City Beer has long been a symbol of the City of Pittsburgh. It’s no secret that they and many other local brewers have struggled mightily to save their brands in recent years. Several years ago Rolling Rock Beer was purchased by Anheuser Busch. They moved them out of their mountain home (Latrobe PA) and […]

Great Help For SEO Beginners

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Whenever I go somewhere and talk about my work the question that gets asked first and most often is “how do I get to the top of the Google search results page?” Many times I’ll foolishly attempt a quick answer, which almost always leads to many more questions. Well, who better to ask these questions […]

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