Should A Big Company Care About Me?

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After yesterday’s post about my poor experience with Blockbuster’s customer service I got into a pretty good discussion with my friends as to whether any company should (or need) to care about what I write here in this blog.

Most of my friends thought that Blockbuster would do best by just ignoring my complaints and they will just go away. Only a couple agree with me that even a big company should keep track of all that’s being said about them and try to insert their point of view into the discussion. From a quick glance it seems that the ones who agree have MySpace pages (or similar) and are more familiar with how fast this kind of problem can get out of hand.

I still believe that I’m right (big surprise there) and it’s always worth at least trying to manage what’s being said about your company on the web. What do you think?

Maybe I’m just being stubborn, but here’s another post by Mack Collier that supports my point of view called

Should You Really Care What Bloggers Are Saying About Your Business?

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