Should My Business Have A Blog?

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I often advise my customers to keep on adding new content to their site to keep it looking fresh. One of the best ways to do that is to have a blog. With a blog not only do you add new content, but if you are lucky enough to have people comment on your post they are also adding new content to your site which helps with search engine rankings rankings..

It’s better to have a posts that relate to the business of your site, but an occasional off the business post is OK. I have done very well with my Friday Just For Fun posts. You do need to keep the main theme on what your site is about.

The main problems with having a business blog on your own site are:

1) Not having the time to post.

That makes it look stale.

2) Content Spam. People posting the usual spammy crap instead of comments.

You probably don’t have to deal with that yourself on Blogger or Blogspot, but then the content is not on your site it’s on theirs. If you have the blog on your site you will get Spam and I have found a good free Spam filter for my WordPress blog that almost eliminates it. It’s called Spam Karma.

3) People posting bad comments about you or your business.

You do have ultimate control and can delete them, but I have found it best just to answer their concerns. Like this post.

If you have the time to write it and then maintain it a blog can be a wonderful source of good traffic for your site


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