Internal Links Can Be Valuable, Too

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Internal links in your site, that is, links from one page in your site to another page in your site can be almost as valuable as links coming into your site from the outside.

I have been experimenting with different ways to do this and they have all been working well. Word Press gives you some wonderful tools for this.
For example the new menu items on this blog like the “tour my blog” section and the “random links”.

To make the most of these links it’s best to tell the visitor what your linking to, so instead of just “click here” or some other dribble that makes your site look like it’s stuck in the 90’s use a link like…
my “random links” menu item is helping to revive old content on my site.

One of the best sites for this is Wikipedia. In case you haven’t noticed they rank pretty well for just about everything. There is a great post on e-consultancy.com about this subject

Read What Wikipedia can teach us about SEO


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