Why Site Owners Don’t Really Want SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best thing going, right? Kind of like “Why don’t we slice the bread before we put it in the package?”

Have a look around the web these days and see how many sites ignore SEO completely. I used to wonder why that was and then one day I realized why. SEO is simple, but it’s also hard work!

You need to get good quality, related outside sites pointing their links at your site, but as I mentioned yesterday you also need to keep updating your site. There are many things that you can do right away to help, but it’s really an ongoing thing.

I subscribe to several Craigslist feeds for web design, email marketing and promotion work in cities in the Eastern US. Many times I have come across ads for SEO services and they are almost all looking for some “magic bullet” that will rocket them to the top of the search engines and keep them there for the most competitive keyword that they can think of. Many times they want this done for their site that contains about four pages.

I used to write and try to explain the problem until I realized that these folks were probably looking for snake oil salesmen and I was just banging my head against the wall. They were were probably going to get exactly what they were looking for.

In the cases of both web design and SEO there are no shortcuts. If you don’t do it right it will not work at all or if it does work it will be limited and will eventually come back to bite you.

Time To Think About Christmas?

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Well it’s almost Labor Day here in the US and so it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Or is it too late?

MediaPost’s Email Insider tracks all things related to email marketing and this year the emails with Christmas mentions have started already. They were seen this year as early as August 14.

If you are interested in what kind of email headlines and/or offers work the best or just about any kind of information about email marketing this blog is a wonderful resource. When I saw this post I started thinking that the middle of August is just too early to start talking about Christmas. I realize that many businesses need to plan for Christmas for a long time or even all year round, but there has to be a point when it just too far away to be promoting your Christmas offers to your customers.

Who knows maybe I’m wrong, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. It seems that I say something like this every year and maybe Jan 2 is the best time to start promoting Christmas again.


CSS Support in Email Marketing

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It looks like things have gotten worse on the e-mail clients front in regards to CSS compatibility.

I was hoping that things would be getting better and e-mail would become more like web page design and conform to standards. From what I’m reading things are moving farther away from it. Tables are almost a necessity for layout and the only style tags that are used by most readers are the inline ones. These are the least preferred kind.

David Greiner has updated his year old post and talks about how far we have gone back. If you are e-mail marketing you should read this.


Is E-mail Marketing Still Effective?

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Many people who claim to know say that e-mail marketing is dead. I don’t believe that. I think e-mail marketing can still be a very effective and economical tool if you do it correctly.

I just put up a new site called FastDiscountBanners.com and the first thing that I did to promote it was to send an e-mail to everyone that I know and asked them to please try it and pass it along. This simple technique generated quite a bit of traffic and many of those visitors bookmarked the site so hopefully they’ll be back.

Large scale e-mail marketing can be just the same. Michael Fleischner wrote a very good article called “7 Steps for Improving Your Email Marketing” and it’s all good advise.


E-mail Marketing Tips

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Are you marketing with e-mail? Many people say that e-mail marketing id dead, killed off by SP*M. I still know many people who don’t know what a blog is. I still think that direct e-mail can be a valuable tool to help you promote yourself or your business as long as you do it right.

You need to make sure that people actually ask for your e-mails.

Send them good information, not junk. People will repay you with value if you send them something they perceive as valuable.

Try to be regular with your mailings. The tricky part is not sending too many. How often varies from list to list and category to category, but If you start to think that you are sending too often, you probably are.

Don’t abuse the privilege of sending them e-mail and they will most likely will read and react your information.

Michael Fleischner wrote this post called “7 Steps for Improving Your Email Marketing”. It has some good advice.


Email Marketing

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I have been making an e-mail marketing newsletter and advertisements for a new customer called “Party Digest“.

I used to send informational e-mails at my last job whenever there was a new sale flyer published or if we were promoting a new item, but I have not been involved in a large campaign like this one that was sent out an a regular basis before. Party Digest markets to “over 100,000 upscale professionals in the Mid-Atlantic area”.

In order to do a better job for my customer, I have been looking for information about how best to optimize and promote these newsletters, so I thought that over the coming days and weeks I should pass along the information to you that I like and maybe let you know which information that I think is just plain wrong.

The great thing about the Internet is that you have so much information easily available, but it’s also the worst thing about the Internet. You have to be able to sort through it and decide which is true and which is part true or just wrong. It’s just like real life, I guess.

So, to start off, here’s an article By Michael Fleischner called “7 Steps for Improving Your Email Marketing”. It’s pretty basic and is probably a good place to begin.


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