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As a website designer I usually have customers who ask me to do some (or all) of the art work for them. Since I am not a graphic artist by trade I am always looking for tips and tutorials that I can use to make logos or other kinds of website decorations for my customers. Photoshop and The GIMP are wonderful tools for designers and have good tutorials built in, but can be a bit overwhelming for any inexperienced user. Whenever I find good tips I like to pass them on, so here are a couple.

Here is a nice collection of tutorials. PhotoshopPoint has a nice collection of free Photoshop/GIMP tutorials including: Logos, Navigation Bars, Textures and many other Col Effects. It’s well worth bookmarking.


Did you know that you can make your own brushes and import them into Photoshop or The GIMP? Here is a unique collection of brushes that you can import right into your application. You can also learn how to design your own.


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