Why Distribute Articles?

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One of the first things I did when I started this site was to write articles that I thought would be of interest to other site owners in hopes that they would post them on their site with a link back to me. Here are some of them.

I began to notice that they helped me at first, but less and less as time went on. I recently found a blog called Make My Blog Money and on it a post called “It’s Offical. Article Submissions Are Dead”. They explained that Google tries to find out who the author of an article is and to only give them credit for the content. If they can’t find the author they usually go with the first one to publish it. I did advise to always publish your content first, but that also that means that all of those other back links that you worked so hard to get are not worth much any more.

I do still write articles along with these posts, but mostly for my own use now. I use them mostly to answer common questions from visitors and customers. I also find them quite useful to pass out as promotional material at networking events.



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