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A customer recently asked me to remove some of the links on their “exchange links” page. They said “If I am not on their site – I don’t want theirs on mine.”

I wrote back that it really doesn’t work that way any more. That they should consider getting rid of their links page.

It used to be that having these kind of links would help you get better rankings on the search engines, but they have long figured out that it’s all they are there for so they don’t pay much attention to them any more. They are called “link farms” and some people even say they hurt your rankings.

Go ahead and give people links, but do it in your blog and only one or two a post. Think in terms of helping your human visitors and the search engines will recognize this and reward you.

Only give links to sites that you recommend yourself. If you wouldn’t use them yourself don’t link to them no matter what they promise you.

If you link out freely to quality sites that your visitors will get something out of the inbound links will take care of themselves without your asking for them. Others will value what you have and send visitors your way because you provide something of value to them.

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