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Are you sending out a newsletter? One of my clients “All America Roadside” a company that sells Roadside Assistance packages wanted to send one. They had in the past sent them out in a “whenever we have the time” manor and I advised them it should be on a more consistent basis.

They were providing some useful tips for drivers, but I felt they also needed to promote their own services also.
For example they have a wonderful affiliate program where they provide fliers to groups for fundraisers (or even individuals looking to make money). I advised that they should use their newsletter to promote it. It’s a great program that they know works because they have used it successfully in the past. I advised a single article by itself at least 500 or 600 words. Perhaps include a testimonial and specifically mention that people pass the newsletter along to someone they know that needs a good fundraisers. There is still nothing better than word of mouth advertising.
They are working on it now and I’ll let you know about the results.

Their next question was “Is every other week too often to send them?” and my first thought was that was probably not enough, but if they needed that much time to get them ready then it was OK and certainly better than before.

I recently found some good advise on this subject by Janet Attard on the BusinessKnowHow site “Five Ways To Speed Up Newsletter Production”. There are some good tips here.


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