Another Made Up Holiday – Open That Bottle Night

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I just answered a question the other day on LinkedIn that asked “What Is Your #1 Favorite Shoestring Marketing Strategy?”

I answered that one of my favorite strategies is to invent a new holiday or align with one that is not very popular. I have been celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day for a couple of years now and every September the article that I wrote about it gets quite a bit of traffic to my website.

Yesterday I heard about another one, “Open That Bottle Night” another made up holiday that was thought up by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher of the Wall St. Journal ten years ago. It seems that the number one question they were asked was “When is the right time to open that special bottle I’ve been saving?”

They would always answer Saturday Night, but it seemed that was not specific enough for their readers so they invented this special “Holiday”.

If my business revolved around wine or another beverage I would try my best to get myself affiliated with this holiday while it’s still young and claim part of it as my own. You don’t always have to make up your own holiday, if you do it well you can attach yourself to someone else’s day.

Celebrate Open That Bottle Night

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