Craigslist and Spam Part 2

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Back in April I wrote that I noticed a huge increase amount of spam on the web design jobs and gigs sections of Craigslist that I subscribe to. It kept getting worse and worse until recently when I noticed that the amount crap was getting lower.

Even though it’s been a pain it the butt I have been pretty faithfully flagging it and have even gone as far as complaining to the email providers, website hosts and domain name registrars of some of the most repeated ads. There are still some new ones and these people probably aren’t the ones posting the spam, but perhaps if the people who buy these services start to hear about it we can cut off the spammers incentive.

There was a very interesting post on Techdirt about this recently. An informative article.

Read Inside Craigslist’s Increasingly Complicated Battle Against Spammers

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