Creativity and Uniqueness?

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I heard from someone the other day who said that they specialized in “Creativity and Uniqueness” in their website design. I went to see what sites that they had done and to me they all looked the same. The sites were all done in Dreamweaver or something like that. None of the sites validated and they were all made in tables with JavaScript navigation for rollovers, black backgrounds, lots of straight lines and no shadows.

They all had some sort of Flash slideshow or YouTube video embedded, but creative and unique? I don’t think so.

I’ve seen quite a bit of this lately where graphic designers discover Dreamweaver,  KompoZer, or even FrontPage and decide that they are “Website Designers” as well. Some graphic designers do web design very well and are concerned about usability and web standards as well as graphics, but if what I’ve seen lately is any indication most don’t.

The sites that I saw did all have graphics that were very well done. I think that graphics were by far their strong suit, but you can’t take a site design from 1999 add a slideshow or video and call it “Creative and Unique”.

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