Don’t Let Someone Else Control Your Domain Name

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I have written before about keeping your domain name up to date and today I have a customer who is having trouble with transferring his website to another server.

My customer is a Polka and Jazz artist named Al Meixner. Al hired me to update his site and to give it a more consistent look and feel. Al had originally put his site on Enter.net and since his hosting agreement was about to expire he wanted to move his new site to a new web host as well.

He wrote an email to the proper department requesting a nameserver change and nothing happened. Then a second and third request. His original request was July 30 and as of this moment (Thursday Aug 2 at 9:00 AM) it still hasn’t changed.

My recommendation is to use a domain name host that is well known and stable that allows you to make changes yourself. I use GoDaddy and they seem fine for me although I have heard a few horror stories. No matter which domain registrar who you choose, check them out well first because in the end the only thing that you really have is your name.

If you don’t have access to it to easily make changes to your domain look for someone else right now, because your current host could also make moving your name to another host difficult as well and it may take some time.



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