Good Publicity Can Spread Fast, Too

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I wrote the other day about how many companies just don’t understand just exactly how bad publicity can have a negative effect on their business on the web these days. How social media can take one person’s negative opinion and if left alone can spread faster than wildfire.

While it’s probably more usual these days to hear someone ranting about something that a company has done to annoy or aggravate them, but there are also some wonderful stories about companies that have gone out of their way to be a good neighbor.

For example here’s a wonderful post on a site called zazlamarr.com. You can see from the comments and trackbacks that it has been picked up by many other bloggers and news sources (including this one) and spread all over the world. This kind of goodwill and publicity probably can’t be bought, but if it could it would cost a fortune.

I am so glad that I decided to work for myself. The hours are long, but the work is fulfilling.

I believe that I know how to treat customers. It’s a skill that, unfortunately, many people these days have forgotten or ignore. You have to treat everyone that you deal with as though they could tell the world about their experience with you because some of them can.

Who would you rather be?



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