How Often Should I Post To My Blog?

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I like to read several blogging forums and one of the things that keep showing up in all of them as well as questions from my customers is “How Often Should I Post To My Blog?”

I like to post five or six times a week if I can and several folks have suggested that you should post several times a day. There are a couple of blogs that I subscribe to that do post more than once a day, but once a day seems to be the most popular for the blogs that I subscribe to.

While I do admit that finding something new to write about every day can be a struggle at times, it also makes me much more disciplined and dedicated to this site. Some days when I get an idea that I feel passionate about the words just flow and other days I struggle with every word.

I also believe that sometimes it may be better not to post anything at all if you can’t find something interesting to write about, but that should be the exception rather than the rule.



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