How To Clean Up Your Computer

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When I use other peoples computers what I usually see is how much crap is running in them. Programs that are not ever used or even known about are running and using up resources for nothing.

I use Windows and here are some of the things that I do.
They work for me, but that’s no guarantee they will work for you.
I like Firefox for web browsing and Thunderbird for e-mail. I recommend them both.

Have anti virus, a firewall and spyware removal. There are good free ones like avast, Spybot-S&D and zone alarm

I occasionally check the start/all programs/startup folder. These are the programs that start everytime Windows starts. I have nothing in there. Probably the only things that I would consider allowing there would be a firewall or anti-virus program, but mine don’t need to be there. I don’t believe that anything else actually needs to start until YOU start it.

This folder just has shortcuts, if you delete what’s in there it doesn’t affect the program except to not start it up automatically.
Open the control panel and look at add/remove programs and see just what is installed. If I know a program that is installed that I don’t use anymore I will uninstall it. This is especially true if I still have the program and could install it again if necessary. If I didn’t know what it was or what it was doing I would find out.

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