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It seems that everyone who I make a site for wants an about us page. Even on sites with only a couple of pages that is usually the second request right after the home page and even more requested than a contact us page. This makes it clear to me that the reason they are asking for one right away is that’s probably the first place that they go to when checking out a new site.

They’re probably right. I know it’s one of my first stops when I an interested in using a product or service from a site that’s from someone that I don’t know. That makes the about us page a pretty important one so you should think carefully about what you want on it.

Many times after telling me that they want an about us page I get the information that the customer wants on it and it reads something like “John Doe has been making and selling widgets in Pittsburgh for 25 years”.

I know that if I read that page the first thing that would come to mind is that if he has been doing this for twenty five years that if he was any good he would have some sort of awards or accolades that would let me know that his widgets are pretty good. Has he been making them in his basement? Perhaps if there was a photo of his factory or staff it would inspire me to buy his product.

I do know that on the Internet where most of your visitors don’t know a bit about you or your business you need to do everything you can to inspire enough trust in them so that will buy from you and not your competitor.

Stoney deGeyter has a nice post that got me thinking about this and if you want to know more about what you should have on your about us page…

Read 5 Easy Ways to Make Your About Us Page More About Your Customers


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