Is Anyone There?

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Here’s an interesting thought. Many companies are very concerned about how well their marketing message is getting to and is received by their customers. They are tweaking this and that to help their efforts be seen and acted on by their audience.

What happens next? How well do you respond?

A company called Hornstein Associates sent out an email to forty nine major corporations and they simply said: “What is your corporate policy regarding the turnaround time for e-mails addressed to customer service?”
Only half responded at all, and only 33% responded within a 24-hour period. Five years ago 86% responded and 63% responded in 24 hours.

That’s horrible! You are working your tail off to try and get business, then someone is taking the time and making the effort to contact you. There needs to be some kind of non-automated response from you. The faster the better. Even if this question doesn’t really have anything to do with your business a fast and polite response can make a wonderful impression.

Unfortunately I have found myself that impersonal, automated or no response at all are getting to be the norm these days. Not just with big companies, but with all of them. Imagine how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, in a good way, by just simply answering your customers in a timely manor. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from people “I didn’t expect you to answer me (so fast).” My first reaction is still “Why Not?” and I hope it always will be.

It’s true that with all of the spam out there these days it gets harder and harder to sort through it, but if you are willing to do the work you will find it’s well worth the effort and your customers will thank you for it.


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