Is Your Website Helping You?

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I read a very good post on Wordpreneur.com written by Simon Hillier who is a copywriter and Internet marketer based in Sydney, Australia titled “Is Your Website Copy Doing Your Business More Harm than Good?”.

I read the post about what the content on your site says and how it’s presented and thought these are some very good ideas. I then went to his site because I prefer to link directly to a writers content rather than through another site. What I found on his site was several broken links and if this article was on his site I couldn’t find it, so how could I link directly to it?

I’m still going to link to this article on Wordpreneur because I like the information that’s presented there, but the real lesson here is that if you have the best content in the world it will do you no good if people can’t find it. If you are a great copywriter and you have broken links on your site people are probably not going to consider you even if your business has nothing to do with making websites. Your website is a main entrance to your business and if the door doesn’t work why would they buy from you when, on the Internet, the business next door is so close?


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