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Recently I had a very bad service experience with Comcast Cable. It was so bad that I dropped them and closed my account.

Then just the other day I get an email newsletter that was highlighting next months programming. I had never actually opted in to their newsletters (but didn’t opt out either) and usually just deleted them when they came. I’m still mad at them for their poor service so I wanted to unsubscribe. It turns out there is no way to stop their mail unless I logged in to my account and set my preferences to “no emails”.

As I said before I had closed my account so there was no place to login to change my email settings. I went through their site to try to find a way to contact an actual person who may be able to help. What a maze! I sent email and filled out forms anywhere I found them. I spent a good half an hour on this quest.

I did receive a couple of autoresponders telling me that my request was not clear and I should check out their FAQ section. I guess that saying “I am no longer a customer, stop sending me email” was just not very clear. Later in the day I did get a reply from what I think is a real person who told me they would forward my request to someone who would remove my email from their list. I’ll let you know what happens next month.

Besides venting here, my point of this post is that if you are sending out bulk email of any kind be sure it’s easy for your recipients to unsubscribe to your list. In fact while it’s fine to have FAQ’s and automatic service programs, it should never be hard to contact a real person in your company from anywhere in your site. If it is you could be probably are chasing away customers.

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