Should I Clean Out My E-mail List?

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I have written before about how e-mail marketing is still going strong. A year ago when I started this business I would have told a client with a new website that if they wanted to start a blog they could use that to replace their e-mail marketing efforts.

Well live and learn. E-mail marketing is still going strong and shows no signs of letting up. Truth be told even with all of the Spam out there these days e-mail is still my favorite means of communication.
and I subscribe to several e-mail newsletters.

One of the questions that I am asked my my customers who want to send an e-mail newsletter is, “Should I remove names from my list who don’t opt-out, but seem to be dead?”
I have always resisted that idea, but I have also seen some lists get so big that they are almost unmanageable (and expensive). I have recently begun reading the blog by The Email Insider at mediapost.com and today Melinda Krueger “The E-mail Diva” posts about a good way to clean up the list. She talks about a campaign with a series of e-mails directed at just these names. It seems like a very logical and effective solution to me.


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