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When starting a new site try to focus on the big picture. Colors and design are initially more important than actual content. Decide on a logo and try to decide what your major navigation links are going to be and where you are going to place your navigation on the page. Don’t sweat the small stuff right away. Get the page to look the way you want before you start working on the content.

I check my visitor stats almost every day. The thing that strikes me the most is the statistic or the page views that stand out the most are not what I went there looking for.
The lesson is check your visitor logs and do it with an open mind. If you do you will find what your visitors want and also what they don’t want will jump right out at you.

Every source seems to say that the best way to start a blog and get a big audience is to find a subject that is not very well covered already. I guess I started this blog too soon, before I learned that lesson. Even so it’s still always a good idea to write what you know about.

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