The Power Of Words

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There are some words and terms that I wish would just Go Away.

A friend of mine sent me an ad for a job recently where they were looking for an “Internet Guru” to work on their website. The word “Guru” to me ranks right up there with “Foolproof” in that as soon as you read it or hear it you know in your bones something is going to go terribly wrong in a “Kiss of Death” kind of way.

The last time I answered an ad like that we ended up going back and forth for a couple of months with nothing that was ever really accomplished. I just couldn’t make them understand that what they wanted was just not possible (for me to do anyway) and close, but a little different was just not good enough for them. Finally we agreed to part ways amicably so it actually could have been much worse than just a waste of both of our time.

It’s been about six months now and occasionally I check their domain to see if anything is there. There is nothing so far and I am curious to see what the end result will be. Maybe if they take the word Guru out of their ad it will work out better.

I found a good post by Doug Hall from the American Inventor TV show called “Death to the GURUS!” and I agree.


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