What Color Is Your Text?

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I hadn’t even noticed this until I read Aycan Gulez’s post called “Has Your Web Designer Ever Heard of Contrast?”, but it’s true. More and more designers are using different colors for text, mostly some shade of gray.

I agree that having a page that looks good to the visitor at first glance is important, but I think in the long run having a page that can be easily read is the most important.

While almost everyone wants more traffic, is it more important to you for your visitor to stay and read your content and maybe buy something from you or is it better for your site to just look better so your visitors will glance at it, then click on an ad and leave? If that’s the case maybe a bad looking site with good looking ads would work better (that’s probably something I should test).

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I believe that a site is first and foremost about helping increase your business, which means having your visitors read your content. There’s probably some happy median here, but I believe that it has to tilt toward readability.


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